Heidi Angove - Bio

Heidi Angove is a technologist and artist with over 18 years of experience in the IT industry. For the last decade she has been collaborating with artists to make work with a digital media / technology component. Previously the Content Manager for Internode, looking after IPTV and gaming, her latest gig is bootstrapping Base64, Simon Hackett’s technology incubator in Adelaide SA. She’s also an active technology ‘maker’ and artist working for the creative industries company ‘Eat More Code’.

She has an history with and an active involvement in Transmedia arts projects having served as the general manager for ANAT from 2005 - 2006. Her work as a Technology Designer / Developer / Maker has been presented through various festivals, installations and performances in Australia.

Heidi Angove - Previous Artistic Work

Work What
2004: The Border Project - Please Go Hop - Adelaide Fringe Live, interactive scoreboard as a part of durational performance. More Here
2006: The Border Project - Trouble on Planet Earth - Adelaide Fringe Development of the zig zag wireless audience controllers. More Here
2009: Sasha Grbich & Heidi Angove - Long Distance - Port Adelaide Festival Installation of phone booths presenting and recording oral histories. Image Here
2010: Sasha Grbich & Heidi Angove - What Goes on Tour, Stays - Adelaide Fringe Interactive phone booth installation at the Adelaide Fringe Image Here
2013: Gaelle Mellis - Take up Thy Bed and Walk - Live performance work Live twitter printer printing tweets with montage of hashtags
2013: Ian Moorhead - Mount Renouf - Transmedia mock museum Interactive vintage sound stations, motion sensors and robotics. More Here
2014: Sasha Grbich & Heidi Angove - Broadcasts from Empty Rooms - Feltmaps Live, internet streamed temporary broadcasts from disused buildings. More Here
2014: Sasha Grbich & Heidi Angove - Broadcasts - Adhocracy Residency Solar powered live, internet streamed broadcasts from the ocean and underwater
2015: Ian Moorhead - Mount Renouf - Presented at Adelaide Fringe 2015 and Castlemaine Festival 2015 Interactive vintage sound stations, motion sensors and robotics. More Here
2015: Access2Arts - Armature - Trigger and Response Workshops and mentoring, assisting artists with a disability to use technology in their arts practice.