The Project

Etch, scratch and ink starts with a live digital installation idea, a digital, large scale version of an etch a sketch. A gaming device you can use easily; one where the interactive drawing knobs are DJ turntables. The collaboration began when Justin Hawkins and Heidi Angove (the two principals of Eat More Code) started throwing ideas around a live installation piece, one that might work in a large public space. Heidi then took the idea to Sasha Grbich, visual artist. Sasha started wondering what this digital to analog process would be. Would it include sound? the team started to grow. DJ Trip introduced the idea of 8 bit type sound into the project and began exploring ideas of the device as an instrument, pushing out 8 bit sound while drawing. Sasha Grbich then introduced a further notion, what if we pushed the experiential, digital outcome back into an experiental analog form? Heidi started working through pushing images to a laser cutter, introducing a laser cut form that Sasha would work with participants with in a workshop format, using 500 year old relief printmaking processes to produce a ‘simple’ print.

This work is experimental. It pushes the audience through different experiences and processes at all times preserving the audience member’s agency. Their right to make their own outcome; make their own experience. Inspiration comes from the work of Lucas Abela and Alex Davies; it’s inspired by experimental musical installations; about the way audiences relate to western pop culture. The process then turns those main themes upside down and produces a print based outcome.

The Artists

Sasha Grbich

Tyson Hopprich

Heidi Angove

Justin Hawkins