Event: Adelaide Fringe 2010

Project Introduction:

You’re on an 18 hour drive in a truck freighting the set and have been sitting next to a man who smells like a walking armpit for the last 8 hours.You forgot to pack your ABBA pillowcase. You can’t sleep without your ABBA pillowcase.You tried your hotel key in 278 doors one night before you found your room.You know she did, you’re certain he did and you wonder how the fuck they got away with that. Have you woken up in the cone of silence?Of course you have. You’re on tour and mum is the word.*

Everyone has an ‘on tour’ story

What goes on tour, stays on tour was a media project built especially for the Adelaide Fringe Club as a part of the Adelaide Fringe in 2010 . An old style phone booth played home to a collection of stories from fringe artists, past, and present – and unfolded into those late nights, and early mornings. The phone got flogged a couple of times but we soldiered on with the Adelaide FRinge coming to our rescue with replacements.

Transcript excerpts from the project:

I picked up the confessional messages left on the phone booth at times. and became delighted to find that folks had left over 40 messages. Whilst the messages will need to remain anonymous,here are some choice quotes:

  • Small child yelling into the earpiece: ¨Hello, I come from greetings outerspace. I challenge you 31 billion trillion times. Come and join us. Greetings, I am outerspace” Older childs voice in the earpiece… ¨Jason … go away¨.
  • Big, beefy man voice: “Hello I’ve got a confession to make and I have to admit, I’m a little bit embarrassed. I’m a Port Power fan. Chokers of the AFL.”
  • Lady voice “He did NOT sleep with Benita DiFonzo”
  • Male voice: “We just had our opening night in Adelaide and we completely, completely sold out. Amazing. Anyway, not one person laughed. At all. It’s a comedy show.”
  • Little kid voice: “I like you and I don’t know who you are. I love you so much”
  • Male voice: “My confession is. I got rejected. What a fucking shit. Last night at a party.””